As a small child, living in the Texas Panhandle, Maren was always curious, physically active, and often found creating in her sandbox or with the fine wooden building blocks her parents had bought when they had lived in North Carolina. Her school years in Arizona introduced her to art classes in public school with some amazing teachers.


Art classes continued into college but It wasn't until at age 29 that she made being an artist her life direction. At that age she had a night time dream in which she answered a knock on her door and an old lady said, "Go to artschool." Maren listened, and after the privilege of 6 straight years in 3 schools of art, she makes art making and maintaining an art studio a priority in life.


Since 2012 she has been working at the beautiful large Studio 120 at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, California. Four artists share the studio, an electic kiln, a rolling mill, the spacious sky-lighted space, and roll up door to the patio with the outdoor gas kiln.


To schedule a visit to Studio 120 and Gallery at the Tannery Art Center, please contact the artist directly by email at